Webinars - How to connect

How to connect:

The webseminar will take place over zoom. Zoom is a professional videoconferencing software. We will use an ICTP-owned license able to host up to 100 participants. It works on Linux, OSX, Windows, Android. 

The seminar can be joined either via conventional browsers, or using the dedicated zoom application. I recommend using the application. 

One hour before the event, we will send everybody:

- the meeting room number & password


- a web link

You can choose which one to use to connect. 

For the sake of convenience, we will open the VC room 1 hour in advance, so that people can join that with proper advance. 

We will not delay the event because somebody is experiencing technical problems - everybody is responsible for checking their own software is working properly. If you are unsure, you are welcome to connect well in advance.

In case you have any questions you do not find addressed in zoom documentation and you cannot sort out yourself, drop me a message (mdalmont@ictp.it) and I can try to give you feedback.

How to participate:

As you can imagine, it is not easy to manage a large number of participants without visual contact. 
Based on previous experiences with similar-size events, we have come up with a simple scheme for participation for the first seminar (we may change it later depending on how this works). 

A) Default mics will be mute. In case you wish to ask a question / make a comment, you shall write on the chat


The moderator will then interrupt the speaker, and open your mic up. Your mic will be left open until the reply is over, in case you wish to ask further clarifications. 

B) There are two basic principles that everybody is encouraged to follow:

1) avoid technical questions during the seminar if they are not absolutely essential to follow it, unless they can be simply answered in a yes/no manner. Keeping the attention level high is more challenging in VCs, and technical questions typically decoupled part of the audience;

2) on the opposite side, do not refrain from asking conceptual questions during the early stages of the seminar: those are of wide interest, and will provide a useful feedback for the speaker (very much like general questions in live talks).

C) It is ok to comment on someone else question / remarks. Zoom allows to chat and exchange files with a specific member of the audience - you're welcome to use this functionality if you wish so. 

D) We plan to also use the integrated whiteboard of zoom in case it is necessary. For the first meeting, we won't employ latex integration. 

What we ask you:

Before the event:

1) in case you've never used it: check you zoom account with some colleague to become acquaintated with software and its functionalities. 

2) check that your mic is working properly

After the event:

3) gives us feedback. It is imperative to understand which aspects of the VC are working, and which are not. No mercy - the toughest (rational) feedbacks are the most appreciated.

Dated: March 9, 2020