Strongly Correlated Systems: from the Fermi-liquid theory to DMFT (and beyond)

Advanced course given by Massimo Capone

Term: 0

Start: 01-03-2021 End: 28-04-2021 Room: 131

Credits: 4

Schedule: TBA


The course will address the physics of strongly correlated many-body systems and it will be centered around the solutions of the Hubbard model with a particular emphasis on the Mott-Hubbard metal-insulator transition. The schedule is updated with the tentative dates for the 2020/2021 academic year. In case of request, an extra 2-credit module can be activated.


 01/03/2021 Path Integrals for many-particle quantum systems I
 03/03/2021 Path Integrals for many-particle quantum systems II
 08/03/2021 Superconductivity in the path-integral representation
10/03/2021 The Landau Fermi-liquid theory: a short reminder
 15/03/2021 The Gutzwiller approximation
 17/03/2021 Slave particle theories: slave bosons and beyond. The Mott Transition
 29/03/2021 Dynamical Mean-Field Theory: overiew
 31/03/2021 Derivation of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory: The cavity method
 12/04/2021 DMFT for magnets, superconductors, inhomogeneous systems
 14/04/2021 The Mott transition in DMFT
 19/04/2021 How to solve DMFT. Impurity solvers
 21/04/2021 Multiorbital Hubbard models and the Hund's coupling