Aldo Isidori

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Research interests

    The main focus of my academic research is the development of semi-analytical and numerical non-perturbative methods suitable for describing strongly correlated many-body systems. These include functional-integral and diagrammatic methods for quantum field theory, renormalization group methods, quasi-classical Green's functions methods, slave-boson mean-field theories, and cluster extensions of dynamical mean-field theory. I have been using such methods on a variety of different physical systems, including supersymmetric theories for high-energy physics, quantum critical systems in one- and two-dimensions, low-dimensional and frustrated magnetic materials, quantum impurity models, cuprates and organic superconductors, semimetals in ultra-high magnetic fields, and mesoscopic heterostructures consisting of superconductors and ferromagnetic materials. What I find most exciting in theoretical physics is the possibility of developing interdisciplinary methods that can be applied to a broad class of models, and possibly to different fields of physics. The common idea behind these methods is to provide computationally competitive alternatives to brute-force numerical methods, thereby allowing for more flexibility and deeper physical insight in the exploration of the phase diagram and excitation properties of quantum many-body systems. Model and systems on which I have been working include:
    • Interface superconductivity and magnetism.
    • Semimetals and quantum Hall effect.
    • Skyrmions and topological phases of matter.
    • Graphite and graphene in high magnetic fields.
    • Quasiclassical Green's functions methods.
    • Functional renormalization group for strongly correlated systems.
    • Quantum dots and impurity models.
    • Quantum criticality and low-dimensional magnetism.
    • Non-Fermi liquid metals.
    • Mott insulator transition in fermionic systems.
    • High temperature superconductivity.
    • Organic superconductors.
    • Slave boson methods.
    • Cluster extensions of dynamical mean-field theory.
    • Supersymmetric field-theoretical methods.

Aldo Isidori publications