Announcement for 1 research position

A public selection is hereby announced for one research position in the following field.

Research title:
"Emergent materials properties by quantum Monte Carlo and Machine Learning techniques"

Fields of the research activity:
For reliable materials property simulations, it is becoming of paramount importance to achieve both a high quality electronic description and large simulation sizes, from systems of biochemical interests (water, ice and aqueous systems), planetary science (materials under high-pressures such as compressed hydrogen, water, methane, iron), glasses and alloys, to name a few. One of the main tasks of the present project is to develop quantum Monte Carlo techniques for state of the art electronic simulations, that can be used for understanding emergent properties in correlated materials (e.g. HTc superconductors, excitonic, Mott and topological insulators) and for obtaining force fields of ab initio quality with machine learning techniques.

Scientist responsible for the research activity:
prof. Sorella Sandro

Members of the research group:
prof. Sorella Sandro


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Dated: November 8, 2019